• First Timers

    Let’s start the journey together. You’ve already completed the hardest part…taking the first step.

We are very excited to be part of your journey to dynamic health and vibrant living. We wanted to provide you with some helpful hints for your first time with us and what to expect:

Loose fitting or stretchy fabric such as workout clothes, (shorts, leggings, yoga pants) and socks!

The first thing you will notice at In Motion is that you’re immediately greeted by one of our team members and will be partnered with your Motion Specialist. We love showing new clients how assisted stretching works to help you accomplish your goals and improve your lifestyle.  This is the purpose behind what we do!  We will carefully screen where you would like to improve, as well as your specific goals, review any injuries or concerns, and identify specific areas you would like to address.

Once completed, one of our team members will address your snapshot and your session will begin! The BEST thing about your session with IM is that you will feel the benefits INSTANTLY! Once your session concludes, our team will help guide you in picking the program that suits your needs best!

We offer 25min and 55min sessions that can be customized to your body’s needs. The initial stretch and consultation will last approximately 55 min.  Most clients typically spend about an hour a week at IM!


No matter what brings you in to In Motion, assisted stretching addresses what your body needs and provides results that bring you to a state of dynamic health!